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Mainely Tubs


1282 Washington St
Hanover Massachusetts 02339
United States


(978) 539-6847


Mainely Tubs is the leader in hot-tub, swim-spa, and sauna sales and services for Maine, NH & MA since 1978. They currently support 31,000+ customers and have been ranked the world's largest Hot Spring Store for 15 years. Mainely Tubs is committed to ensuring that their customers continue to enjoy the highest quality relaxation items including Hot Tubs by Hot Spring Spas and home saunas or Swim Spas by Endless Pools. They also offer a wide range of hot tub accessories & water care products.


About Hanover

Hanover is a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 14,833 at the 2020 census. == History == The area of Hanover was first inhabited by the local Wampanoag and Massachusett people before Europeans had settled. According to local history, there were a few documented sites being within the modern day border of Hanover. One being in Assinippi, one in Pine Island Swamp, and the last being at Factory Pond, also known as Drinkwater Swamp.


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Alan Miller

hot tub customer

Very organized and clean! The employees were very knowledgeable!

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